Sunday, August 15, 2010

Keep It Simple....Stupid

I may have to change the name of this blog from Dolce Vita to the Matta Vita, meaning, the Crazy/Looney Life.  So much has been going on and not enough time to scratch my butt let alone write a blog entry.

First things first:
1.  Finally working as a photographer and I am COMPLETELY pumped about it!
2.  Ryan and I are settling nicely into our new digs!
3.  Grad school starts up again in a week
4.  Nutcracker and Dance Cincinnati rehearsals are filling my schedule

This is why I need a breather, I am carrying 3 part timers, plus the dance company, plus school.  I am creating a mantra for myself of "Keep it Simple."  A boss of mine a few years back added the stupid...but, that isn't positive at all!  It reminds me that it is simple things in life that will keep me going:  smiling while dancing (it really does manipulate the way you dance), meditating, and cooking basics.

This is leading me to the recipe of Pesto I just created.  I read somewhere to keep your leafy greens from spoiling, blend them into a pesto.  Awesome idea!  Ryan just devoured most of our spinach this week leaving barely enough for a salad after you weed out the slimy pieces so here it is:

Mixed Greens Pesto:

1/4 cup of olive oil
2-3 Garlic Cloves
Handfull of Walnuts (or Pine nuts depending on your mood).
Assorted Greens (mine today were:  Spinach, Arugula, and Basil).
Juice of half a Lemon

Toss all in the food processor till you get a rough but creamy consistency.  I guestimated on the oil--like an old Italian lady--I really just add until it tastes right.  But this is the beauty of using limited ingredients!  Simplicity is AWESOME.

Have an awesome week Foodies, Friends, Yogis, and Others....

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A test of Patience: Limoncello

For some reason this summer--I got a bug up my butt about making Limoncello, an Italian dessert liqueor.  I found the recipe at Not Knowing...and Trusting Anyhow Blog after long hours researching on Google.

I am not going to write a full blog entry on this, because hers is pretty awesome:  click here.

In her article, she writes that Limoncello is a test of Patience.  Yes it is indeed.  You need the patience to basically filet lemon peels for days.  You need patience when the cashier at Jungle Jims gives the wierd face when you come to the register with 20 organic lemons in the first place, let alone, pick them out by hand to make sure they aren't blemished on the peel (the peel is what makes this little tasty treat anyway).

The ultimate patience is waiting while the peels soak in the vodka.  Then adding the sugar.  Then waiting some more.

In the end, this is what the equation and time chart for my first batch looks like:

May 31st:  Bought Lemons and Vodka.

June 3 9:00 PM - 12:00AM:  Peel lemons (and talked to my friend Kevin on speaker phone before went to work 3rd shift.)

June 4th:  7:00 AM - 8:30 AM  Peel Lemons (ironically, again, spoke to Kevin on speaker phone when her got off 3rd shift and proceeded to tell me that he will making a complimenting citrus bunt cake to compliment the limoncello when it is ready.)


July 15th:  Added the Simple Syrup to the lemon/vodka mixture (I about forgot all about it and then re-read the recipe only to find that I needed to wait another 2 weeks before straining).

July 28th:  Strained, bottled, froze, then sampled the finish product--NOT TO BAD!!

So now I have 3 liters of goodness for Ryan and I to share with friends and I am probably going to make a mother load batch in October for Christmas festivities....

Friday, July 23, 2010

So much to do and not enough time

Ryan and I are moving.

I am studying for the Praxis.

Just accepted a new job in my field (PHOTOGRAPHY).

Dancing my butt off and continuing to deal with pain from my ankle sprain.

That is about it.

More Dolce Vita to come when my life settles down in a week and a half....(okay, maybe 2 weeks or 3).

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Roadtrip, Yoga Therapy Balls, and NEW FOOD!!

Ryan and I went up to Sandusky, OH this weekend to go play at Cedar Point.  All was good, a few bumps in the road while trying to get up there on Friday night (tractor trailer accident and stuck behind a train).  We spend all day there on Saturday (12 hrs) and I road pretty much all the big ticket rides.  I woke up Sunday to a terrible back ache.  I couldn't decipher whether it was the air mattress that Ryan and I slept on at the camp grounds or if it was riding some serious rides that day.  I am personally blaming it on Mean Streak, the equivalent to King's Islands "The Beast" which is the longest wooden roller coaster.  This thing was just down right rough.  So much so, that it wasn't even enjoyable.  I like roller coasters but this thing was tossing me around in the car the entire time.  My lower back is crying.

I couldn't really touch my toes on Sunday.  As a dancer, this is bad.  Which is why I need to do a shout out to the folks at Gaiam along with Rodney Yee for creating Yoga Therapy Balls.  Its like self massage and yoga all in one and it really has begun to release the tension in my back.  I can at least touch my toes again!  Thank goodness!  But it is definitely still stiff so I believe I will be doing this therapy for the next week or so.  I didn't even attempt to go ballet technique class yesterday.

So I have a New Recipe the I learned from one of my managers at work:

Tuna with Lemon, Garlic, and Spinach.
This is really a quick simple recipe that was originally made for Salmon, but, I had tuna steaks in my freezer instead.  I think this would be great with a white fish like Halibut, Cod, or Tilapia.  I would even venture to say this would be a great way to cook scallops but Ryan won't eat those.


2 Tuna Steaks
1 Lemon
1 bag of Spinach
4-6 Garlic Cloves, peeled, whole
Salt and Pepper

1.  Preheat your oven to 375.  Line a baking sheet with aluminum foil and place fish in the center.
2.  Use the juice of one half of the lemon and squeeze over fish and add salt and pepper at your discretion.  Slice the other half of the lemon and place slices on top of the fish.
3.  Place Garlic around the fish and dump the bag of spinach on top of the fish.  Wrap all the foil around this modge podge of food to create a little packet (this will basically steam/cook the spinach).
4.  Cook in the oven for 17 minutes.  I did mine longer because my tuna steaks were still a little frozen but I should have kept it at 17 minutes because like regular steak, I like my tuna steak a little rare.

Another delicious and QUICK meal.  Perfect ending to a long day accompanied by a Cabernet from Chile.

The usual suspects, Jack and Spike--checking out the food.  They love tuna.  They basically do this every time we have dinner to see if we will feed them anything, which, generally doesn't happen.  They are just so darn cute!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Directions and Name Changing

Reasons for the change and purpose of this blog:
1.  I am deciding to put good things and positive energy out in the world rather than constant whining (so I won't even get into my sprained ankle situation with ballet--all you need to know is that it is under control)
2.  I love food.  I love to eat out and I LOVE to cook.  Because of this, my coworker Holly and I chat about new recipes CONSTANTLY.  She told me I should blog about cooking and discoveries.
3.  Dolce Vita, as we all know, is Italian for the "Sweet Life."  And let's face it, I have a pretty sweet life when you don't hear about the drama.

I am trying to cook more naturally and am trying a lot more vegetarian recipes.  The reason being is I have hit a weightloss plateau and I am trying to re-ingnite with more cardio and more physically demanding aspects besides my ballet training.  Tonight I swam 950 yards at the Y with Ryan and came home to cook this quick and easy recipe from Vegetarian Express by Rose Eliot called

Polenta with Artichoke Hearts and Fresh Tomato Sauce

8 oz of quick cooking Polenta*
Salt and Pepper
14 oz can of Artichoke Hearts
4-6 Sprigs of Fresh Parsley
1 oz of Parmesan Cheese

For the Sauce
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 Onion chopped
2 garlic cloves minced (original called for one, but, I like garlic)
1 tablespoon of sun-dried tomato puree (I use tomato paste and worked great)
14 oz can tomatoes in juice
salt and pepper
Red pepper to taste (optional)

1.  First the Sauce:  Heat the olive oil in a small sauce pan and add onions and garlic until SOFT not carmelized (5-7 minutes) then stir in the tomato paste, tomatoes, salt, pepper, and red pepper until it thickens (15 minutes
2.  Boil water for the Polenta and cook according to instructions on the packaging (I used Dell'Alpe Instant Polenta) then stir in artichoke hearts and parsley.
3.  Dish Polenta out into Bowls--add some Parmesan Cheese--and Top with the Tomato Sauce.  Quick and Easy!  And Ryan went back for seconds

*Polenta is basically Italian grits--I will be further investigating this "peasant dish turned gourmet treat"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This and That

*The solution to my family is to just ignore it.  Is the problem going away?  Probably not.  But at the end of the day--I cannot put my time and energy into making sure I live MY life the way THEY want me to.  SO--after tears and meltdowns and sound advice from Judi and Meridith--I just need to get away.  Though my parents live 5 minutes down the road--I am going to continue on.....but I have Santa Fe in my sights for Ryan and I--that's our place of compromise for moving.  Bonus:  No Allergies in the Desert!

*For some crazy reason this morning, I woke up with my eyes swollen and puffy.  Allergy season is over and this shouldn't be the cats.  Why would it start now???  I accidently rubbed my eye last night after dinner with traces of jalapeno juices on it I presume--may that's it.

*Due to stress or whatever--had a meltdown/fit on the bike on Sunday.  Ryan took me riding through Western Hills to get where we needed to go.  Fell trying to unclip at Boudinot and Queen City in the middle of the intersection.  Pissed.  Proceeded down Queen City--Scared shitless riding down the hill gripping my breaks with crazy ass drives zooming by--couldn't unclip in time for a traffic light--paniked--cried--Ryan caught me and I unclipped.  I then proceeded to get pissed.  Chucked the bike in the grass.  Cried more and proceeded to tell Ryan not to take me in this "Fucking Traffic" ever again until I'm ready.  I was livid and not ready.  I had no idea this is what he had planned for the ride.  He felt terrible.  I was being a bitch.  He didn't deserve that.  It takes a special person to deal with me (and well, my family).  He's a keeper.  I promised I wouldn't yell it him while riding because that's all I ever seemed to do while we ran.  Hopping back in the saddle for the TT tonight.

*Shot more photos in Spring Grove.  Have some good ones.  Ryan came with me.  All 200ish are edited, but, mostly not web friendly yet so I need to fix that (whoops).  I also am expecting a phone call from the gallery today (yay?!?!).

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Priorities, To Dos, and Tears.

I'm just going to start out this post was inspired by priorities and perspectives--and that has become a more prominent issue in this past year more so than ever before.  I turn 26 in a little over a week--and--I am officially putting my foot down.  I am an adult--have been technically for the last 8 years but I would argue for only half the time (living at home with your parents during undergrad is not the exact definition of adulthood so it does not count),

Priorities the Way it needs to be in my mind:
1.  School
2.  Ryan
3.  Work
4.  Ballet and Art (tied because they both make me happy equally and challenge me equally).

Priorities the Way my Parents Want it to be:
1.  School
2.  Work
3.  Ryan
4.  Art
5.  Ballet

The Way it Actually is Right Now:
1.  Ballet
2.  Work
3.  Ryan
4.  School
5.  Art

I keep wondering how I got here.  I am happy and unhappy.  The only person who really truely sees my misery beneath the front I put up is Ryan (why he isn't number one on any of these lists isn't fair for the amount of bullshit he puts up from me and the rest of my family that drives him nuts)--I shouldn't have to be torn the happy and unhappy place the way that it is.  God love my parents, and I do, they raised me in a good home and made sure that I had the best but it needs to stop.  The only way I can describe my relationship with my parents (yes it is now both parents) is a constant state of disagreement, different places, different lifestyles, and in their minds, different priorities.  I want to have a good relationship with them but it is hurting me more than it is helping.

As much as they say, "Stop comparing yourself to your sister," it's hard not to when she has set a standard that has become a double standard.  I realize situations are different and I am not going to bash my sister by none the least because she has worked hard for everything she has:  her job, her home, her family, and her body.  But Jesus expectations are so different.  Lori has never truely worked and gone to school--yes she ran on a XC and Track Scholarship along with Academics and managed to get her Master's paid for by the athletic department at Wright State--there is the arguing the girl has worked.  There was a time where I worked 7 jobs in one year during college.  SEVEN!?!?!  I had to pay for sorority, and books, and art supplies, and formal dresses.....everything.  I pushed through and hardly slept and partied when I could and still made bad decisions and got GREAT grades by standards of DAAP.

I am still having this fight.  My mom and dad would like me to pick up ANOTHER job.  Yes I realize retail doesn't pay the best--but--I can't really get anything else right now.  Lori didn't have a real job until she got her masters.

I'm just frustrated.  I know the situations are different.  It ultimately comes down impracticality.  My life is impractical according to my family (especially the ones that live here in Cincinnati).  I do not know how much more I can take and how much more venting I can do to Ryan (or the Amy's, or Tara, or Mario and Meridith, or Judi)---it's not fair that I have to live it much less them hear about it all the time.

I have loving parents.  Why can't they just accept my situation and be happy for me instead of always bringing me down....isn't it supposed to be the other way--you know--lift me up.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Visiting North High Street and Wishing what Cincinnati Arts COULD be

The other day, I very haphazardly filled out an application on a art gallery website to be an artist they represent.  Found the link on craigslist.  What are the chances of this being anything decent?  It did not ask for a portfolio just asked for mediums, so, I check photography, graphic/computer art, painting, and drawing as they are my specialities but commented that photography is what most of my recent work is in.  Again, this was all haphazard.  Ryan and I were over at the Dilly Deli visiting Dom and eating dinner and my phone starts blowing up with Columbus area code.  Reception was bad, I didn't answer.  Well it was the gallery wanting to talk to me.  Cool.

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to call this guy back till Saturday afternoon, but, it was cool.  We talked, I sent him to my lowly little website with one gallery on it event photography and the other in graphic design.  It apparently peeked his interest enough to say, can you be up here tomorrow or are you busy?  By busy, my only plans were to go to yoga and ironically, go shoot at Spring Grove Cemetery because I have a ton of ideas brewing with my fascination to the Cincinnati landmark.  So I agreed to come up and show him my stuff.

I was bouncing around the apartment--I WAS STOKED!!!  I had a lot of things over at the apartment photography wise along with my best drawings, but, there were a few more things that I wanted to bring (like my pieces from "Gloss, Glitz, and Grime" shown in the West End about 5 years ago and of course my baby, my senior thesis shown at DAAPworks 4 years ago when I graduated).  I get there, of COURSE my  mother has to be the debbie downer and told me to not get TOO excited and that I really shouldn't be posting my excitement on facebook.  Really mom?  I am happy and excited and this is a chance to start building a relationship with a great gallery (and I say that because it is located on North High Street in Columbus--it is what Northside/OTR/Clifton COULD BE but Cincinnati is ass backwards about art).

Anyway--I get more portfolio together in a frenzy and call my friend Emily (my token hipster friend, we've known each other since the first day of college and fortunately/unfortunately, know most of our deep dark secrets--she is very nonjudgemental that way).  I bribed her with breakfast and french press coffee to get her to come over and be objective in selecting pieces.  I love her for that---we streamlined the photo-book and picked the best pieces from thesis (and chatted how the thesis itself was a big step for me that took me a long way to get there and it did not get me a directors award because they didn't know how to "classify" my work--it's called mixed media a-holes) and brought my drawings/painting/2d whatever.

We got up to Cbus (Ryan is amazing and drove up with me because the drive to Cbus sucks and is boring and its Memorial Day Weekend and the state troopers were EVERYWHERE!).  I love North High Street.  The gallery director and I got to talk for about an hour on and off because potential "clients" were coming in the door.  I immediately love the way the gallery is run.  I drunk guy comes in a buys a piece of jewelry and he immediately gets all his contact info and what other pieces he likes.  Smart.  It really is a hole in the wall kind of place owned by sculpture artist from Kenton, OH.  SO most of his stuff is in there.  It's all colorful and fun and my portfolio is dull and morbid (I shoot in Cemeteries, think about this---and my thesis is based on the ballet Giselle, again, dark and morbid).  He looked at everything and said the work was beautiful.  LOVED the thesis--would want to see more with color (okay, I'm thinking doable--just need access to a printmaking press, but, totally doable).  Loved my recent shots at Spring Grove I just edited.  HATED my "ice storm trees" and told me to take them out of my portfolio immediately if I continue to live in the midwest.

Landscape from the Spring Grove Suite

The guy was excited about my work....which is cool, because, it is somebody who does not know my story and does not know anything and is purely looking objectively.  He wants to speak with me again (sweet) and to really focus on my vision--also if my vision is what people are going to want to buy while doing a gallery hop in the Short North District.  He told me a lot of money is put into marketing and he wants both sides to be ready when I sign on--which I AM TOTALLY COOL with because I am practical business wise.  He also told me to walk away knowing that he is NOT there saying "oh that was nice."  He flat out told me my photography was beautiful and that a lot of the event photos would be perfect commercially, the dance photos for playbills, etc.  The newest work, the Spring Grove Suite--I have 225 photos to work with from just one shoot alone--So I have a lot of things to think about and play with and I am excited because he wants to speak with me again.

Overall--good day--worth the trip--and I am focused and pumped for what the future will bring!

Angel from the Spring Grove Suite

Monday, May 3, 2010


soooo....I bought my domain name and after careful thought, it is going to be my name.
Keep your eyes peeled because after school is out this week I will be busting it out.

Its a big todo--I will have galleries, a blog, a paypal service...and I can even customize everything with imagery.

Additionally to that--I also have models who volunteered to play dress us with me so I can photograph!

Anyway--that's all I got for now.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling Grateful and Updates

Updates First:
-Cinci Dance Festival 2010 is a no go.  Not enough people getting their "shit together" from the other companies as Mario put it.
-I am not taking summer classes till Mid July....because....I need a break.  Which means I better get my ass in gear for Tuesday night time trials in Cleves because I only have May, June, and Half of July to do them.

Feeling Grateful for the following People in my life.
Again I realize how petty I've been about people not recognizing my friendship so I thought I just might give shout outs to the people in my life I am grateful for:

Ryan--for making sure I relax and just chill out.  For loving me and for being with me.  For making me laugh.

My de la Dance Fam:
Mario and Meridith--because they are nuturing A.D.'s.  Because they take genuine care and interest in their dancers and for pushing them beyond what they (the dancers) think they are capable of and bringing out the very best in their dancers.

Amy H--because she is strong and beautiful.  Not just as a dancer but as a person, more so than I ever realized till recently.  She is resilient

Kevin--because no one rocks glitter like he does and he just good natured to be around

Tara --sweaty bitch #1.  Grateful for her because she actually told a ballet director in SC to fuck off when he told her she weighed too much.  Because she is supportive and encouraging and inspirational to be with in class.  And she is just funny as hell.  And she has the cutest son ever.  And she is one of my favorite friends I have made as an her.

Amy G-- sweaty bitch #2.  Potato, potato.  Because she is "mexican by injection" seriously, because she helps me deal with my mommy issues and again makes me laugh.  And because her husband and her  showed Ryan and I what real Mexican food tastes like.

Other peeps:
Judi--just read her latest post about her past life you will begin to understand why I find this woman to be a straight up badass and down right amazing!

Carrie K--because it takes a special person to be friends with for 20 years, but, even more special because she has been friends with me for 20 years. many stories...not enough time.  Also because she breaks the Cincinnati standard:  yes she got married at 24 and married her high school sweetheart, but, there is no housewife / children in the picture yet....thank god.

Bethany--my cousin, bc we are peas in a pod (aka the Artsy misfits of the Siconolfi family).  I miss seeing her tons.

Midgie--from XO Pi Alpha Chapter--for always ALWAYS telling it as it is and for being there for me always...regardless.

I am sure there are more, but, I dedicate this post to the positive people in my life because you are the only ones that matter.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bucket List

I am bored and I don't want to do homework.  I've already baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

My Bucket List:

1.  Attend a real Art Auction at Sotheby's or Christies in NYC or London (because Park West Gallery isn't the same).
2.  See ABT dance one season at the MET in the Spring when they bust out all the good classic ballets.  (ABT--American Ballet Theate....MET, Metropolitan Opera House NYC).
3.  The Louvre in explanation needed.
4.  The Vatican (aka Michaelangelo CENTRAL)
5.  African Safari (my dream photography experience).
6.  Surfing in Australia
7.  Diving in Hawaii and Australia (though I would need a Scuba license and lose my fear of coral reefs, but, that is neither here nor there).
8.  Backpack through Europe
9.  Study Art in the Italian Countryside (there are programs where you can do this too).
10.  Go to THE holy city:  Jerusalem (so much culture, but, WAY too much fighting).
11.  Spend at least a month in an Ashram in India (I'm going to save this for my mid life crisis).
12.  I really want to go to New Zealand, because it looks beautiful!
13.  Just like backpacking through Europe, I want to go play in South America so I have a reason to be shaking my booty (I love Latin dancing).
14.  REALLY REALLY REALLY want to learn to dance Spanish Flamenco
15.  Watching the Olympics makes me miss the Pacific Northwest more and more....sorry Ryan, forget Colorado, I think we should become Ex Pats and move to Vancouver---you get the mountains and Victoria is just a 2 hour ferry away from the hipster art scene and the beach!
16.  I want to go bungee jumping.  Again.
17.  I want to go Ziplining again in: Costa Rica, where it boasts the worlds longest zipline (I've seen it, but, I went ATVing in the mountains instead), and in Ketchikan in the Alaskan Rainforest.
18.  Whale Watching (Alaska or Hawaii can provide this).
19.  Swim with Dolphins (again Hawaii can provide this....along with Hiking up a Volcano)
20.  Walk the Great Wall of China
21.  I have never been to Washington D.C.---but I really just want to go to the National Mall/Smithsonian
22.  Hike the Grand Canyon again (I did this when I was 12 and I don't think I appreciated as much as I should have).
23.  White Water Rafting (and according to Ryan, I may be able to cross this off this summer).
24.  Learn Italian
25.  Cook Indian and Morrocan
26.  Meet my Olympic Heros, Carl Lewis (fo shiz), the Magnificent 7 (1996 Gymnastics team), Kristi Yamaguchi, Apollo Anton Ono (damn short track is sexy), Paula Radcliffe.
27.  Meet Gerard Butler, Michael Crawford and any man who has ever played Phantom, in Phantom of the Opera.....sigh.
28.  HAVE A BIG KITCHEN (this will be my pre-req for a house...along with a 3 car garage....for Ryan's and My bikes of course)
29.  Publish a book
30.  Dance on a big stage in front of a big audience.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Incredibly YUMMY Discoveries:

1.  Spaghetti Squash with Pesto (AMAZING...and I don't feel bad because I am eating a veggie, not real pasta.  GENIUS)
2.  Almond Milk, Oatmeal, topped with Honey Crunch Wheat Germ (good morning Fiber).
3.  Greek Yogurt (yummy), with McCabe's Granola (because it is low in sugar), with Honey. (Good Morning Protein).
4.  Muddy Buddies/Puppy Chow/Moose Poop.  Whatever you call it:  Chex Cereal with PB, Chocolate, and Powdered Sugar (the not so nutritious option of this list).

Other "Yummy" Discoveries:
1.  My printmaking professor from last semester (who I thought I hated me), wants to put to of my prints in a show at XU and she is pretty sure one of them is going to sell!  That's kind of exciting, here is one of the images she wants me to put in.  It is a collograph, and she already took one of the editions for future classes:

2.  I always leave class on Thursday nights (Multicultural Children's Literature), feeling great about the world and blessed to have had the cultural experiences I've had because they are rare for a suburban white girl from the Midwest.
3.  My professor for Educational Administration is the funniest damn man I have ever met.  He is the superintendent for Newport Schools and used to have that title at Cincinnati Public Schools--I guess you would either be very cynical or hysterical after that appointment.
4.  A lot of the kids at De*La are improving rapidly as Giselle rehearsal trots along.  I am very proud of the kids as this ballet is a huge undertaking for anyone, let alone a first year pointe dancer.
5.  oh how I have foolishly forgotten thee.  Thank you for being my graphic design SAVIOR!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photography Lately

I shot some photos at Spring Grove last week...about 250 or are some favorites...untouched by photoshop as of yet....

I love that statue...already started making alterations in photoshop.  Ryan told me it is creepy looking.

My Art Girlfriend Emily came with me...I call her my art girlfriend because despite being a sorority girl, she was one the best friends I made at DAAP...she is a total GDI (god damn independent as we called them...the people who aren't in greek life).  My bestest art buddy.  She's back in grad school too becoming and art teacher.  Love her....many hours in studio together (sometimes crying), nights getting drunk (in Chicago), and trying to sound so utterly cool in the art world....oh and getting drunk at the CAC (Contemporary Arts Center), eating endless amounts of sushi.  I love this girl.

These photos were taken for De*La Dance company promotional photos for Giselle.
Images shot on a Canon 40D with a Lens Baby Muse lens

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things that I am LOVING right now:

1.  My brand new computer (well okay, my computer is 6 months or so old...but I love it).  The 24'' iMac
2.  Philosophy make up and facial cleansers
3.  Adobe Creative Suite CS4 is now installed into my brand new computer!  Yay!  All I have to is start playing with it and have projects lined up already:  Logo for BAM, De La Dance Company, amongst some of my own logo building for me
4.  My new bike....still excited to ride it...can't wait for this crappy weather to ease up!
5.  Ann Taylor, where I am currently employed.
6.  Mari Winsor Core Reformer Pilates....ouch.