Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling Grateful and Updates

Updates First:
-Cinci Dance Festival 2010 is a no go.  Not enough people getting their "shit together" from the other companies as Mario put it.
-I am not taking summer classes till Mid July....because....I need a break.  Which means I better get my ass in gear for Tuesday night time trials in Cleves because I only have May, June, and Half of July to do them.

Feeling Grateful for the following People in my life.
Again I realize how petty I've been about people not recognizing my friendship so I thought I just might give shout outs to the people in my life I am grateful for:

Ryan--for making sure I relax and just chill out.  For loving me and for being with me.  For making me laugh.

My de la Dance Fam:
Mario and Meridith--because they are nuturing A.D.'s.  Because they take genuine care and interest in their dancers and for pushing them beyond what they (the dancers) think they are capable of and bringing out the very best in their dancers.

Amy H--because she is strong and beautiful.  Not just as a dancer but as a person, more so than I ever realized till recently.  She is resilient

Kevin--because no one rocks glitter like he does and he just good natured to be around

Tara --sweaty bitch #1.  Grateful for her because she actually told a ballet director in SC to fuck off when he told her she weighed too much.  Because she is supportive and encouraging and inspirational to be with in class.  And she is just funny as hell.  And she has the cutest son ever.  And she is one of my favorite friends I have made as an her.

Amy G-- sweaty bitch #2.  Potato, potato.  Because she is "mexican by injection" seriously, because she helps me deal with my mommy issues and again makes me laugh.  And because her husband and her  showed Ryan and I what real Mexican food tastes like.

Other peeps:
Judi--just read her latest post about her past life you will begin to understand why I find this woman to be a straight up badass and down right amazing!

Carrie K--because it takes a special person to be friends with for 20 years, but, even more special because she has been friends with me for 20 years. many stories...not enough time.  Also because she breaks the Cincinnati standard:  yes she got married at 24 and married her high school sweetheart, but, there is no housewife / children in the picture yet....thank god.

Bethany--my cousin, bc we are peas in a pod (aka the Artsy misfits of the Siconolfi family).  I miss seeing her tons.

Midgie--from XO Pi Alpha Chapter--for always ALWAYS telling it as it is and for being there for me always...regardless.

I am sure there are more, but, I dedicate this post to the positive people in my life because you are the only ones that matter.