Sunday, June 28, 2009

Things to be excited about

This will be short as I am sending this from my iTouch: my order of bondi bands should be in by the time I get home sometime tomorrow (ska the best head bands ever). Two: I just order the trigger point quad roller which is way better than a foam roller! Check it out at www.tptherapy.Com

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Free At Last...Free At Last...Thank God Almighty....wait, nope not free yet

Lots of things happened since last week so here they are:

*My dad now follows me on twitter only to comment that nobody cares that my knee hurts in a pain similiar to meniscus tears (thanks pops)
*Last day of school came June 12 which was my birthday: I then proceeded to celebrate by getting my hair chopped off (alot but not too crazy) and also by drinking two bottles of wine on my front porch with Ryan after the amazing stir fry!
*Spent majority of Saturday at Loveland High School doing stage rehearsal with Dance-Etc. I ended up napping during the rehearsal for Show 2 in the actual auditorium which is amazing because it was loud.
*Went to Orchids at the Netherland Hilton downtown for my birthday with Ryan and my parents! Amazing food! Yum: Tuna Tartare, Spring Greens Salad, NY Strip Steak cooked medium (it must have been 6-8 oz...not obnoxiously big), and had the "Hot Chocolate" dessert with the edible spoon.
*My new iMac and iTouch arrived!! I love the iTouch and use it as a PDA rather than an MP3 and tomorrow I clean out my room/desk so I can set up my new baby instead of working on this pc....YAY!
*Dance-Etc Showcase ALL DAY of Sunday, but, it was fun and rewarding as it always will be to watch students I taught display their talent in dance.
*Stayed awake for most of Gran Torino with Ryan
*Started Grad School classes officially and officially I love it already (what's life without a little stress)
Welcome to Planet Earth another beautiful niece:
Evelyn Rose Barnes
June 15, 2009, 4:19 pm
7lbs 8oz, 20 inches long
Head FULL of black hair: a Siconolfi she is! (yes that was my attempt at Yoda)
With Aunt Kristi!!

Ryan even held her!
With her dad: Joe

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Favorite Things

I follow a blog called Tulips and Tea and it generally has great insights to the wonderful world of artsy fartsy and she wrote a blog similar to this and I felt compelled to make my own.

*Yagoot with Strawberries and Blueberries

*The smell of sautéed onions and garlic lingering in the kitchen hours after I've cooked.

*The Essentials of Heart CD collection (I guess thats why I have "Crazy on You" as a ringtone)

*Nars Nail Polish in the color Orgasm


*Tinkering mindlessly on a Piano

*Fresh Veggies and Herbs from the Garden

*Clean Design Lines in Furniture and Architecture (I love minimalism)

*Signature colors (for Ryan its Red because of the his one dress shirt and for me I'ld say a magenta type pink).

*Pedicures (though I never money or time to get them so I give them to myself)

*Adrenaline Rushes

*Losing myself in the zone (whether thats running, dancing, or doing something creative)

*"Freeze It" topical analgesic gel 

*Road trips and singing in the car with Ryan

*Art Museums and hours of time

*My Camera and a long walk somewhere new or somewhere familiar (Spring Grove Cemetery anyone???)

*the sounds of my niece Abigail laughing

*the Planets by Holst (and just like everyone who knows this piece of music, I'm a sucker for the Jupiter piece).

What are your favorite things?