Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Bucket List

I am bored and I don't want to do homework.  I've already baked peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

My Bucket List:

1.  Attend a real Art Auction at Sotheby's or Christies in NYC or London (because Park West Gallery isn't the same).
2.  See ABT dance one season at the MET in the Spring when they bust out all the good classic ballets.  (ABT--American Ballet Theate....MET, Metropolitan Opera House NYC).
3.  The Louvre in explanation needed.
4.  The Vatican (aka Michaelangelo CENTRAL)
5.  African Safari (my dream photography experience).
6.  Surfing in Australia
7.  Diving in Hawaii and Australia (though I would need a Scuba license and lose my fear of coral reefs, but, that is neither here nor there).
8.  Backpack through Europe
9.  Study Art in the Italian Countryside (there are programs where you can do this too).
10.  Go to THE holy city:  Jerusalem (so much culture, but, WAY too much fighting).
11.  Spend at least a month in an Ashram in India (I'm going to save this for my mid life crisis).
12.  I really want to go to New Zealand, because it looks beautiful!
13.  Just like backpacking through Europe, I want to go play in South America so I have a reason to be shaking my booty (I love Latin dancing).
14.  REALLY REALLY REALLY want to learn to dance Spanish Flamenco
15.  Watching the Olympics makes me miss the Pacific Northwest more and more....sorry Ryan, forget Colorado, I think we should become Ex Pats and move to Vancouver---you get the mountains and Victoria is just a 2 hour ferry away from the hipster art scene and the beach!
16.  I want to go bungee jumping.  Again.
17.  I want to go Ziplining again in: Costa Rica, where it boasts the worlds longest zipline (I've seen it, but, I went ATVing in the mountains instead), and in Ketchikan in the Alaskan Rainforest.
18.  Whale Watching (Alaska or Hawaii can provide this).
19.  Swim with Dolphins (again Hawaii can provide this....along with Hiking up a Volcano)
20.  Walk the Great Wall of China
21.  I have never been to Washington D.C.---but I really just want to go to the National Mall/Smithsonian
22.  Hike the Grand Canyon again (I did this when I was 12 and I don't think I appreciated as much as I should have).
23.  White Water Rafting (and according to Ryan, I may be able to cross this off this summer).
24.  Learn Italian
25.  Cook Indian and Morrocan
26.  Meet my Olympic Heros, Carl Lewis (fo shiz), the Magnificent 7 (1996 Gymnastics team), Kristi Yamaguchi, Apollo Anton Ono (damn short track is sexy), Paula Radcliffe.
27.  Meet Gerard Butler, Michael Crawford and any man who has ever played Phantom, in Phantom of the Opera.....sigh.
28.  HAVE A BIG KITCHEN (this will be my pre-req for a house...along with a 3 car garage....for Ryan's and My bikes of course)
29.  Publish a book
30.  Dance on a big stage in front of a big audience.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Incredibly YUMMY Discoveries:

1.  Spaghetti Squash with Pesto (AMAZING...and I don't feel bad because I am eating a veggie, not real pasta.  GENIUS)
2.  Almond Milk, Oatmeal, topped with Honey Crunch Wheat Germ (good morning Fiber).
3.  Greek Yogurt (yummy), with McCabe's Granola (because it is low in sugar), with Honey. (Good Morning Protein).
4.  Muddy Buddies/Puppy Chow/Moose Poop.  Whatever you call it:  Chex Cereal with PB, Chocolate, and Powdered Sugar (the not so nutritious option of this list).

Other "Yummy" Discoveries:
1.  My printmaking professor from last semester (who I thought I hated me), wants to put to of my prints in a show at XU and she is pretty sure one of them is going to sell!  That's kind of exciting, here is one of the images she wants me to put in.  It is a collograph, and she already took one of the editions for future classes:

2.  I always leave class on Thursday nights (Multicultural Children's Literature), feeling great about the world and blessed to have had the cultural experiences I've had because they are rare for a suburban white girl from the Midwest.
3.  My professor for Educational Administration is the funniest damn man I have ever met.  He is the superintendent for Newport Schools and used to have that title at Cincinnati Public Schools--I guess you would either be very cynical or hysterical after that appointment.
4.  A lot of the kids at De*La are improving rapidly as Giselle rehearsal trots along.  I am very proud of the kids as this ballet is a huge undertaking for anyone, let alone a first year pointe dancer.
5.  oh how I have foolishly forgotten thee.  Thank you for being my graphic design SAVIOR!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photography Lately

I shot some photos at Spring Grove last week...about 250 or are some favorites...untouched by photoshop as of yet....

I love that statue...already started making alterations in photoshop.  Ryan told me it is creepy looking.

My Art Girlfriend Emily came with me...I call her my art girlfriend because despite being a sorority girl, she was one the best friends I made at DAAP...she is a total GDI (god damn independent as we called them...the people who aren't in greek life).  My bestest art buddy.  She's back in grad school too becoming and art teacher.  Love her....many hours in studio together (sometimes crying), nights getting drunk (in Chicago), and trying to sound so utterly cool in the art world....oh and getting drunk at the CAC (Contemporary Arts Center), eating endless amounts of sushi.  I love this girl.

These photos were taken for De*La Dance company promotional photos for Giselle.
Images shot on a Canon 40D with a Lens Baby Muse lens