Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Photography Lately

I shot some photos at Spring Grove last week...about 250 or so....here are some favorites...untouched by photoshop as of yet....

I love that statue...already started making alterations in photoshop.  Ryan told me it is creepy looking.

My Art Girlfriend Emily came with me...I call her my art girlfriend because despite being a sorority girl, she was one the best friends I made at DAAP...she is a total GDI (god damn independent as we called them...the people who aren't in greek life).  My bestest art buddy.  She's back in grad school too becoming and art teacher.  Love her....many hours in studio together (sometimes crying), nights getting drunk (in Chicago), and trying to sound so utterly cool in the art world....oh and getting drunk at the CAC (Contemporary Arts Center), eating endless amounts of sushi.  I love this girl.

These photos were taken for De*La Dance company promotional photos for Giselle.
Images shot on a Canon 40D with a Lens Baby Muse lens

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Judi said...

you are so good. wow. kristi. for real. those are very good. you need to print them up and have a show. make some dolla bills yo.