Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Favorite Things

I follow a blog called Tulips and Tea and it generally has great insights to the wonderful world of artsy fartsy and she wrote a blog similar to this and I felt compelled to make my own.

*Yagoot with Strawberries and Blueberries

*The smell of sautĂ©ed onions and garlic lingering in the kitchen hours after I've cooked.

*The Essentials of Heart CD collection (I guess thats why I have "Crazy on You" as a ringtone)

*Nars Nail Polish in the color Orgasm


*Tinkering mindlessly on a Piano

*Fresh Veggies and Herbs from the Garden

*Clean Design Lines in Furniture and Architecture (I love minimalism)

*Signature colors (for Ryan its Red because of the his one dress shirt and for me I'ld say a magenta type pink).

*Pedicures (though I never money or time to get them so I give them to myself)

*Adrenaline Rushes

*Losing myself in the zone (whether thats running, dancing, or doing something creative)

*"Freeze It" topical analgesic gel 

*Road trips and singing in the car with Ryan

*Art Museums and hours of time

*My Camera and a long walk somewhere new or somewhere familiar (Spring Grove Cemetery anyone???)

*the sounds of my niece Abigail laughing

*the Planets by Holst (and just like everyone who knows this piece of music, I'm a sucker for the Jupiter piece).

What are your favorite things?


RyanT84 said...

I need that Heart DVD back at some point too by the way! And I like singing in the car with you too. Even if I know more words to Heartbreaker than you do! :)

Judi said...

you and ryan are just too cute together - so glad you guys hooked up.

Amanda said...

the smell of a rain storm coming in...
a ripe banana with natural creamy peanut butter...
a 5am run...

You and Ryan are cute :)