Thursday, October 8, 2009

Knowing when Enough is Enough

I have not posted in a month. School is having its effect on me it seems.

I have decided not to run the marathon.

I am pissed.

What appears to be runner's knee is becoming excruciating pain with every step I take after running 2 miles (that's all it takes for it to start hurting). I have new shoes. I have tried the knee straps. I still need to test drive Kinesio tape. I have done Pilates to strengthen the leg muscles around it. I cannot not do an easy 3 miles without limping in pain which in turn does not help my hip flexor.

Mom and Lori joke about how I would find excuses not to run it. I hate that this has happened. Ryan thinks I took on too much too fast. He's probably right. I only started running again this year and even that was a sad attempt.

I feel like a quitter. It is a feeling worse than failure because I didn't even get to try the race.


Judi said...

you made a smart decision. if you are in pain, than you are making the smart move. however, i do think the massage would help.

KSIC said...

totally got the massage yesterday from a lady i dance with. she hooked me up. worked on my legs. worked on my back. depending on my work schedule this week, i may go see her again to do more work on the knee.