Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A test of Patience: Limoncello

For some reason this summer--I got a bug up my butt about making Limoncello, an Italian dessert liqueor.  I found the recipe at Not Knowing...and Trusting Anyhow Blog after long hours researching on Google.

I am not going to write a full blog entry on this, because hers is pretty awesome:  click here.

In her article, she writes that Limoncello is a test of Patience.  Yes it is indeed.  You need the patience to basically filet lemon peels for days.  You need patience when the cashier at Jungle Jims gives the wierd face when you come to the register with 20 organic lemons in the first place, let alone, pick them out by hand to make sure they aren't blemished on the peel (the peel is what makes this little tasty treat anyway).

The ultimate patience is waiting while the peels soak in the vodka.  Then adding the sugar.  Then waiting some more.

In the end, this is what the equation and time chart for my first batch looks like:

May 31st:  Bought Lemons and Vodka.

June 3 9:00 PM - 12:00AM:  Peel lemons (and talked to my friend Kevin on speaker phone before went to work 3rd shift.)

June 4th:  7:00 AM - 8:30 AM  Peel Lemons (ironically, again, spoke to Kevin on speaker phone when her got off 3rd shift and proceeded to tell me that he will making a complimenting citrus bunt cake to compliment the limoncello when it is ready.)


July 15th:  Added the Simple Syrup to the lemon/vodka mixture (I about forgot all about it and then re-read the recipe only to find that I needed to wait another 2 weeks before straining).

July 28th:  Strained, bottled, froze, then sampled the finish product--NOT TO BAD!!

So now I have 3 liters of goodness for Ryan and I to share with friends and I am probably going to make a mother load batch in October for Christmas festivities....

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